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The beginning of the oz bus curse?

Dublin to Dover

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Despite the ominous sound of this entry's title, 'it's all good'. Colin's catchphrase is apt. Oz Bus is by far the best decision I have ever made.

So far we have had 3 different buses. The original, and nicer, Ozbus broke down upon reaching the shores of England - a water cooler problem or something to that effect. Then the train to London, yes in the UK, broke down. Meanwhile, the tube between the hostel and the airport I stayed in was...you guessed it, non-operational. This led to spending 2 and a half hours crossing London's rush-hour traffic on a packed bus with the glorious sunshine lowering the comfort level.

Spanish students cemented their stereotype, in my mind, as loud and obnoxious by shouting their inane musings to one another via the corridors of the hostel.

But despite all of this, the excitement was reaching feverpitch; even though I was in the heart of Chelsea's fanbase in Stamford Brook.

By the end of the first half a day I had dumped 3 tops from my rucksack. I can see this becoming a recurrance as the days pass. They were old anyway!

The Irish press had published several articles and photos of the Oz Busers commencing from Galway. Most were encouraging of the adventure itself; others quite 'Daily Mail' cynical of our chosen means of transport.

For me Oz Bus began on Oz Bus Mark 2. To take us from London to Bruges via a ferry to Calais. We're a good mixture of people - ranging in age from 18 to over 70. So nobody in the Clevis has an excuse to not do the same! We are one third Irish, people from the Uk, 1 and a half Swedes, an American, one and a half Danes, an Ozzie, a Kiwi, and an OzBus 2 veteran (Colin) who is now a guide this time 'round.

In Bruges, we are told that maybe we'll get the original Oz Bus back...

On the ferry, we are informed that there is a problem with THE FERRY'S engine. Thankfully this is repaired within a reasonable amount of time. We were ahead of schedule anyway, and caught an earlier ferry. France will be passed through quickly so we can enjoy a country that I soon find to have all of France's positives, without the negative attitude - Belgium.

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fare thee well...

what to bring?

I will probably end up discarding half of the things I've brought with me; even though they've been heavily editted already. For this reason I have packed multi-functional devices, such as my solar panel charger for my phone, ipod, speakers, camera etc. I'm hoping I won't need any more etceteras! Cubes to pack everything-in neatly. I was also sure to pack some clothes that are on the way out anyway (bleach stains and tiny holes being already insitu). Alas, they being some of my favourite clothes I will hate to part with them.

Most of all I'm bringing an open mind.

Although I don't see myself as being materialistic; I do hope that this trip will rid me of any further attachments to the strings of capitalist culture (Can't you tell I've just read Affluenza).

Off I set. In search of adventure, more friends, excitement, and enlightenment.

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The Hippie Trail (Ireland to Oz)

the final hours...

"There's just a few more hours, that's all the time you've got. A few more hours, before the world you trot." (Thanks Maire!)

The rucksack is finally stuffed. It turns out I didn't need 3 bottles of shower gel after all. The check list shall be checked. And all shall be calm once I am too.

There has been plenty of coverage of the Oz Bus in the media for the past 2 days. It left from Galway today.

"A magical mystery tour taking travellers on a three-month bus odyssey halfway across the world kicks off in Galway today. Oz Bus, the 'slow boat' option to long-haul travel, sets off from Eyre Square with its first passengers before hitting Dublin, London and then another 20 countries before finally reaching Sydney, Australia, in 13 weeks' time.

Proving that the journey can be just as fun as the destination, the bus follows the hippy trail across Europe and on into the Middle East.
Passengers venture through Iran, India and Pakistan before taking in countires such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

A short flight, the only one of the whole trip, takes them from East Timor to Darwin in northern Australia. The road ends in Sydney on May 10.

Among the treats in store is a visit to the Taj Mahal, the foothills of Mount Everest and Ayers Rock." [Irish Independent 8th Feb. 2008].

This is EPIC!

Link to my semi-completed map:

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